Monday, 8 November 2010

Welcome Back

Hello! As you may or may not have been aware of, I have been volunteering in Kenya with Platform2 for 10 weeks. It was probably the greatest decision I ever made, as I had such an amazing experience. I saw alot and I learnt alot. So now I'm back and I want to be able to move on with any ideas I had, turn them into something creative. So whilst I've been back a few weeks now and confess to not really doing much, I want to get back into gear. I'm thinking collages and things like that with all the photographs I took. Anyway watch this space.

Platform2 ( are funded by Christian Aid ( BUNAC ( and DFID ( Unfortunately though they're in their final year due to lack of government funding...which sucks. But they're great organisations so check them out further if you're interested.